Ladakh On Your Mind! So Are The FAQs

as a traveller there are many doubts that come to your mind, when you think of Ladakh.

Stories from Khasi Tribe

Before I tell the story let me explain to you that the Khasi word Nohkalikai literally translates to “Jump of Ka Likai”. Here, “Ka” is a prefix that is given to the female gender in the Khasi language.

Secrets of Ladakh

Ladakh still holds some secrets, which only the locals will tell you if you care to spend some time with them over khambir (local bread shaped like a pan) and traditional butter tea (you will love it for sure).

9 Offbeat Locations In Goa

As a traveller, you must know there is more to Goa. Here, I will cover some of the places, which I am sure most of you wouldn’t have visited, or even heard about.

The ‘Sacred Forest’ of North East

One important thing you must remember is that you cannot take anything from this forest, not even a dry leaf that is fallen on the ground. If you do you will fall sick which can result in death.

Have you seen a florescent cactus

I was witnessing 2000 different types of cacti. Each was magnificent in its own way. There were some very exotic and rare ones, which they sold for a few lakhs.

4 Simple Backpacking Tips & Hacks To Make Your Trip Great

While the concept is fairly simple, you just have to find where to go, pitch a tent, enjoy the process, prepare the meal, sleep and wake up to a stunning view, there are some little things that can make your trip from average, to good to great.

Reaching Ziro – An ordeal filled with fun.

Ziro valley is easily the prettiest landscapes in all of India with its layered rice fields; pristine rivers, majestic mountains and picture-perfect village of Apatani tribe. Your trip to Arunachal Pradesh is incomplete without seeing this magnificent valley.