4 Simple Backpacking Tips & Hacks To Make Your Trip Great

I am very happy about the fact that people these days like to do a weekend backpacking. Whenever there is a long weekend they don’t mind taking their backpack and heading out. While the concept is fairly simple, you just have to find where to go, pitch a tent, enjoy the process, prepare the meal, sleep and wake up to a stunning view, there are some little things that can make your trip from average, to good to great.

Know the terrain in advance

This is the most important thing that you should know. Before you set out ask fellow hikers how long it takes to complete the hike, what are the things to watch out for on the terrain? You need to get a real-time update because you might have read on the internet or you might have gone to the place earlier, but due to the weather conditions there could have been a landslide, some muddy patch, some tree must have fallen, etc. If you are not prepared for it then you might have a tough time getting around it, especially if you are not experienced. Get to know where you can find a water source, otherwise, you might finish the water and will be walking for long hours without a drop to quench your thirst. Also, there will be times when you come to a junction during the trail and not know where to go next. Ask in advance for such spots and how to identify which direction to take.


Take a map with you

If you are going to an unknown place then carry a map, I mean printout don’t rely on networks in the mountains. Carry a notebook and draw a map on that before you can embark on the journey. Talk to people and understand the situation.

Survival kit

You can be stuck in some terrain mostly due to bad weather, in that case being prepared with a survival kit would come in handy. Ideally, your survival kit should have essentials like energy bars, dry fruits, a space blanket, lighter, compass, Swiss army knife and basic first aid. With these, you can also play Good Samaritan 🙂


Take 2-second tents with you

These days you get good lightweight 2-second tents. These are unbelievable to a lot of people, they just open up literally within 2 seconds and very easy to assemble. It is waterproof too. I was delighted when my team gave me this tent as a gift. Awesome bunch. It has been very helpful for me during my travel trips.



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