Have you tried Yoga in Nature

Yoga in the outdoors with the elements of nature adds different dimensions to one’s practice. Traditionally Yoga was done in nature to get a perfect balance between body and nature. These days due to time and space constraints we end up doing Yoga in confined spaces of our home, office or studios. Still, it is better than not doing Yoga. However once in a while, you should take out time and go to an outdoor setting for your Yoga sessions where you can truly feel the universe.

Yoga in nature can intensify the experience in different ways, but first, you need to understand it’s about embracing the elements. The breeze can deepen your breathing, the sun can deepen poses by making muscles more pliable, and a small butterfly can invite you to focus on something small and still. In fact, many aspects of Yoga is about being in the moment and that too one with nature or universe. No wonder so many asanas reflect animals and nature. “The asanas done in nature gives various dimensions to focus on. The smell of nature, such as the grass, river, ocean, mountains, etc. makes you one with them and helps you breathe the way nature intended you it to be,” says Yoga expert Sonia.   

Uneven, natural surfaces such as sand, grass, or the woodland floor can intensify Yoga posture and its physical benefits. It helps in building secondary muscles of a yogi’s feet, hips, knees and spine. However, a mat is recommended for a person who is still an amateur when it comes to Yogic practices.  A mat can also provide a stronger, more stable base despite shifting or uneven earth.

Pairing up yoga and nature can be an incredible experience if you are ready to embrace the outdoors. Remember to find a suitable time, ideally early mornings or late evening along with the sunrise and sunset. The temperature will be just fine for an awesome session of Yoga.


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