Majuli the name itself lures you to serenity. I am not sure how many of you have heard of Majuli forget about travelling to that place. It seems like a well-kept secret by the experienced travellers. Majuli is the largest inhabited freshwater island in the world and it also has the distinction of being the island district. It is a home to a mix of communities – the Mishing tribe, the Deoris and Sonowal Kacharis. The neo-Vaishnavite monasteries remain the central attraction for everyone. During the medieval period, a great Hindu saint made this island his home and brought about a cultural rebirth. The renaissance emerged to change the shape of art, music and religion in Majuli. This culture still rests in the heart of Majuli and even today; the island flaunts a spiritual aura and an enlightening experience for offbeat tourists all over the world.M2

Now this being an island boat is the only way to reach here and even your cars come on boats to this island. This quaint place is perfect for cycling in the alleys of Garmur and to with the Mishing tribe who are the original inhabitants, try their food (they are kind enough to share their food with you).

While you are there visit Dakhinpat Satra located in Kamalabari, this neo-vaishnavite Satra is a pious place of worship, where all unmarried saints have their prayers and carry on their traditional ceremonies.M4

On the island, you will meet Hemchandra Goswamin also known as the mask man. He is a wonderful storyteller I guarantee that you will be awed by his stories. On the island of Majuli you cannot escape the ecstatic sounds of the hymn mantras and the musical instruments played by the monks.

The houses in Majuli island are bound to catch your attention. Most of them are made of bamboo and are elevated to a certain height to protect from the natural calamity that might happen on the island during flood season. They’re well constructed with natural resources and provide solid local housing.M5

Food is simple and delicious at Majuli. You will easily find your way to Ural in Garmur, a restaurant that offers the delicious local food from Khar, Laksa, Tenga and a few varieties of rice. Make sure you try the Pitha (a traditional Assamese dessert) and the Komal Saul cereal. It has got great ambience and the most hospitable service.

If you are one of those travellers who want to discover the hidden gems then this is a must for you. Spend a couple of days on this island while you are in North East.

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